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Mr. Wael Al Sayegh

Mr. Wael Al Sayegh

Founder of Al Areen Martial Arts Dubai


Welcome to Al Areen Martial Arts, we are a beginner friendly martial arts cross training academy that teaches its students the foundations of Thai Boxing, Grappling and the Filipino Martial Arts. At Al Areen Martial Arts we believe in a holistic approach to teaching and learning. Every fighting art and culture has something very valuable to offer and we learn from them all very much in the way Sijo Bruce Lee advocated when he said “Take what is useful and disregard what is not” Each student in our academy is seen as an individual even though they may be training in a group class. We do our best to maintain a high-quality learning environment where the best of each student is encouraged to emerge.



Al Areen Martial Arts was founded in 2011 by UAE national Wael Al-Sayegh with the support of the Sheikh Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and Dubai SME. Wael is a lifelong student of the martial arts and has gained tremendously as a human being from his training and practice. Al Areen Martial Arts is the embodiment of his wish to share the gems of his findings with his city, county and region. Wael is also a published poet, inter cultural intelligence trainer & inspirational speaker.


“To become who we were each intended to be when we first entered this world.” Michael Meade

We believe that martial arts can be a vehicle to physical & mental wellbeing, self-realization and community service. At Al Areen Martial Arts you are students of learning about who you are just as much as you are students of the martial arts. “All types of knowledge simply means Self Knowledge” Sijo Bruce Lee


“Here I am” is a famous line from an Arabic poem attributed to Imam Ali bin Abi Talib. The spirit of words encourages individual expression and accomplishment as opposed to taking pride of the accomplishments of others who may be close to us.


1. Compassion 2. Growth 3. Patience 4. Authenticity 5. Accountability 6. Curiosity 7. Orderliness 8. Initiative

“Love is the highest art. In ancient times, you trained so hard, not for the sake of killing people, but for the love of you family: for the love of your mother, your father, your children, your tribe, and your body. It is the love of life! That’s why we train so hard, so you can preserve life.”

– Dan Inosanto